Crosspoint Evaluations provides experts to consult on legal claims and assess health, disability and work-related injuries. Our services include medical evaluations, record and bill reviews, assessments and reports for states, counties, municipalities, corporations, insurance agencies, first-party insurers, government agencies and third-party administrators.
Our goal is to deliver accurate and comprehensive independent medical assessments of the highest quality. Crosspoint Evaluations partners with medical experts who are recognized experts in their areas of specialty. We leverage our legal market knowledge and industry-leading technologies to deliver a wide range of medical legal services in a cost-effective manner. Our expert panel and experienced staff, leverage state-of-the-art systems to efficiently provide exceptional services.
Crosspoint Evaluations works closely with clients to create customized services and processes that comply with the specific needs, requirements, and regulations respective to these fields. We address product liability, federal insurance, workers’ compensation claims, no-fault claims, disability, accident injury, group health, and benefit programs.


Quality Reports

Crosspoint Evaluations executes its medical assessments and reports in an accurate, honest, objective, comprehensive, and timely manner. This is ensured through a managed review and quality assurance process.

Our independent expert written opinions and testimonies reflect a breadth of both medical and legal competencies to bring disputed or litigated claims to resolution.

Personalized Service

Crosspoint Evaluations provides immediate accessibility, prompt and convenient scheduling and reporting services, and responsive and attentive customer service.

Our clients enjoy single point of contact through our case manager to ensure immediate accessibility, convenient scheduling, and paralegal organization of the case.

Qualified Board-Certified Physicians

Crosspoint Evaluations has carefully selected experts to create a multi-disciplinary panel of licensed, certified, and exceptionally-qualified physicians and healthcare professionals with years of clinical and medical experience and legal knowledge.


Independent Medical Evaluations

We have extensive experience in providing independent, objective, and accurate evaluations of claimants’ status of disability, functionality, diagnosis, prognosis, impairment, causality, treatment, reasonableness of care, medical necessity, maximum medical improvement, pre-injury status, and employability.

Functional & Physical Capacity Evaluations

Our experts’ functional and physical capacity evaluations utilize best practice testing protocols, administering an objective and extensive battery of performance tests that assess a comprehensive list of factors to determine an individual’s ability for work, ability to perform specific job tasks, and physical restrictions for work and daily activities. Crosspoint Evaluations’ services are utilized by government agencies, employers, insurance companies, attorneys, and vocational experts to determine levels of functional and physical ability for an individual to safely return to work and perform essential job functions.

Medical Record Reviews

Crosspoint Evaluations’ medical record review services are designed to respond to our clients’ needs for reviewing medical decisions made by insurance companies or employers regarding claims determinations. Crosspoint Evaluations’ staff reviews each case and selects experts from our panel to determine the required services necessary to assess work capacity, causality, medical treatment necessity, cosmetic treatment, surgery and facility or out-patient length of stay, reasonableness of care, preventive care options, and patient care management. Our record review processes involving communications with governmental agencies, large health and casualty insurers, and benefits administrators meet rigorous federal, state, and local regulatory requirements to ensure the integrity and credibility of our reports.

Peer Reviews

Crosspoint Evaluations provides evidence-based peer reviews by an experienced panel of American Board of Medical Specialty-certified experts from all medical specialties. In order to determine compliance with accepted health care standards, our expert panelists evaluate the work performed by their colleagues in examining and assessing the medical and non medical documentation and reports provided. Our expert opinions address factors of causality, impairment, functionality, restrictions and limitations, severity of diagnosis, necessity of medical services and care, reasonableness and appropriateness of medical treatment, mitigating conditions, treatment recommendations.

Medical & Physician Bill Review

Crosspoint Evaluations offers comprehensive bill review services for all in-network and out-of-network bills, including PPO management, medical bill re-pricing, line-item review, professional nurse review, and automated adjudication. Our team of physicians, nurses, and coding experts utilize multiple electronic data exchanges and automated web-based applications to ensure accurate and consistent bill reviews to identify excessive, inappropriate, inaccurate, and duplicate charges ultimately resulting in increased claims management and bill review accuracy and consistency and often substantial cost savings to our clients.

Workers’ Compensations Services

Our panel of experts include Qualified Medical Evaluators experienced in providing QME’s and AME’s. We provide timely evaluations for early intervention, medical request certification, bill review, medical treatment plans and return-to-work programs which advocate care for injured employees and result in improvements in clients’ claims and risk management programs.